North Carolina Business Coalition on Health

North Carolina Culture of Wellness Award

NC Culture of Wellness Award
In memory of Chris Coté - NCBGH founder and Wellness Advocate

Applications will open January 2 for the 2024 award

2023 Winners Were Announced at our 2023 Spring Forum

Programs are evaluated across 7 components:

Leadership Commitment

  • Senior leadership involvement and support

Culture, Foundation , Policies

  • Wellbeing embedded in culture
  • Length of program in place
  • Policies to support wellbeing

Progam Offerings / Tools / Incentives

  • Pillars/Dimensions of Health
  • Onsite, telephonic, digital (online) programs
  • Rewards for participating/engaging

Strategic Planning / Communications

  • Goals and objectives/multi-year strategy
  • Branding of wellness program
  • Channels of communication
  • Components utilized in planning

Reporting Metrics & Evaluation

  • Reporting date utilized for program planning
  • Reporting back to population
  • Means of evaluation

Organization Engagement Data

  • Health risk assessment completion
  • Preventive care visits
  • Disease management engagement

Innovation / Technology

  •  Utilizing technology to meet changing needs of population

Applications are evaluated/awarded by a committee of employers designated by the NCBCH Board of Directors.

Congratulations to our 2023 winners:

City of Charlotte (Large Employer Category)
Glen Raven (Small/Midsize Employer Category)