North Carolina Business Coalition on Health

Our current focus areas/initiatives include:

  • Wellness and wellbeing including our annual NC Culture of Wellness Award, addressing all aspects of wellbeing so employers can better optimize organizational performance.
  • Healthcare Transparency and Hospital Fair Pricing
  • Prescription Drugs – including transparency and reforms in Pharmacy Benefit Management
  • Oncology/Cancer –supporting employers to provide quality care throughout the patient cancer journey, including prevention and screening such as our statewide Routine Screenings and Vaccinations initiative
  • Diabetes, Obesity and Metabolic Syndrome, including engagement of stakeholders to address obesity as a serious condition with significant health and economic consequences. 
  • Advancement of innovative healthcare processes and health technology such as Digital Therapeutics through information, education, and collaboration.
  • Mental Health —  Promoting systemic improvements and real solutions for serious mental health conditions prevalent across the NC workforce

We look forward to advancing these efforts through collaboration with our members and other key stakeholders across North Carolina.