North Carolina Business Coalition on Health

Topic/Workgroup Interest Form

Listed below are various topics being discussed by members. Select all topics that are of most interest/importance to you, and if you would be interested in participating in a workgroup / discussion group on the topic. (Groups will be developed based on level of interest.)

High-Cost Claims Management: Including strategies for mitigating high cost claims

Hospital Care: Focus on "fair pricing" for employers, quality of care, etc. Workgroup may meet with local hospital executives.

Mental Health / Substance Abuse

Obesity and Diabetes

Oncology: Cancer care, screenings, etc., for employers

Pharmaceutical: Including PBM's, Specialty Drug Management, Prescriptive Digital Therapeutics, etc.

Primary Care Strategies: Including "Advanced Primary Care", on-site/near-site clinics, virtual primary care, etc.,

Cell and Gene Therapy:  Including employer considerations regarding cost and care

Wellness and Wellbeing:  Best practices and more