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Progyny is a leading fertility and family building benefits solution currently serving 390+ clients, covering 5.4M lives. Infertility impacts 1 in 8 couples and family building is expanding, with more single parents by choice and LGBTQ+ needing to use assisted reproductive technology, adoption, or surrogacy to grow their family.

Progyny works with self- and fully insured clients in the US, Canada and globally, and our services span preconception, fertility, maternity, postpartum and menopause. Our model includes clinically integrated member support with robust digital tools (virtual care, app, etc.); the largest fertility focused network of providers with ongoing management for quality; equitable and comprehensive plan coverage that includes male factor fertility coverage, adoption and surrogacy support; and integrated Rx.

All together, Progyny helps members get pregnant faster and have healthier pregnancies and babies, requiring less treatment and medication. This results in key healthcare savings for employers as well as enabling them to meet DEI goals, mental health priorities and attract/retain needs. Progyny completed its initial public offering in 2019 and trades on Nasdaq under the ticker PGNY.

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