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Calibrate is changing the way the world treats weight. We are the leading digital metabolic health business that is driving weight loss outcomes and reducing costs at scale for members with overweight or obesity.
Legacy programs, diets, and weight loss medications have been ineffective in addressing the metabolic health crisis facing the country—74% of people suffer from overweight or obesity and that number is only increasing if left unaddressed. The coverage of GLP-1s for obesity is quickly increasing but at a cost of up to $1400 per month, a solution is needed that combines optimized GLP-1 use with Intensive Lifestyle Intervention (ILI) to drive outcomes and contain costs at scale. Unlike legacy weight loss programs, Calibrate:
  • Drives significant, sustained results (including 15% average weight loss at 12 months).
  • Guides members to ensure optimized utilization of GLP-1 medications (selection of lowest net cost product, titration support, adherence monitoring, and eventual tapering). · Delivers care through synchronous, video visits with a Calibrate-employed team of doctors and accountability coaches, working together to drive results.
  • Offers a proprietary, holistic program with 1:1 coaching, connected scale and trackers, and a science-based curriculum across Four Pillars of Metabolic Health.
  • Has an outcomes-based pricing model – you only incur fees for members that enroll and we put our fees at risk dependent on member results
  • Over 20,000 members nationwide are seeing an average of 15% weight loss.
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