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NC Moving To Percent of Medicare for State Health Plan

July 5, 2019:  North Carolina appears to still be moving toward percent of medicare for healthcare reimbursements for employees under the State Health Plan (SHP).  As the state’s largest buyer of medical and pharmaceutical with more than 720,000 state employees and a 2017 spend of $3.2 billion, it would seem they have a bit of clout with providers when it comes to contracting.  But despite a huge number of non-hospital providers contracting under the new plan, few if any hospitals agreed to the new reimbursement plan by the deadline issued by the state of July 1.   It would appear, however, that the state may be undaunted by this and will continue efforts to contract with hospitals before 2020 benefit enrollment begins for employees in the Fall.  

The Winston Salem Journal provided an excellent update on the effort in their July 1 article available by clicking here.