North Carolina Business Coalition on Health

NC Healthcare Advisory Council

NCBCH’s NC Healthcare Advisory Council is intended to enable collaboration and exchange of ideas between key stakeholders ranging from leading health plans, industry and advocacy organizations, accreditation, pharmaceutical and provider organizations, as well as other leading employer-focused groups to participate more directly with NCBCH and our board.  We invite such organizations to apply for membership as a part of the council.

Council benefits include:

  • Visibility as a Healthcare Advisory Council member/supporter on website and other materials.
  • Engagement with NCBCH board and other invited employers in high-level discussions of issues important to purchasers of health care services and products
  • Provided the ability to inform NCBCH and its members of key insights and perspectives on industry trends, challenges and innovations in the marketplace
  • Work with NCBCH board and its members in shaping a collective agenda on healthcare improvement that includes relevant delivery system innovation and aligns key stakeholders across healthcare system
  • Ability to provide periodic communications such as articles, press releases, etc., for distribution to membership
  • Invited to strategic dialogues with NCBCH, meeting with key stakeholders as appropriate
  • Be actively involved in strategic partnerships with NCBGH and its members through activities such as:
    • NCBCH initiatives (including transparency in healthcare, mental health & wellbeing, oncology, obesity & diabetes, pharmacy & medical drugs, etc.)
    • Research, clinical briefs, etc.
    • Provide strategic expertise and knowledge at NCBCH events


If your organization is interested in becoming a member of this Advisory Council, please complete the application below for consideration.  Annual dues are $7500.  (A reduced fee of $2500 is available for non-profit academic, research, trade, advocacy and governmental organizations that do not offer direct medical services.)