North Carolina Business Coalition on Health


Hello Heart

Hello Heart’s mission is to prevent heart disease, the #1 most prevalent, #1 cause of death, and #1 most expensive chronic condition. Through our digital solution, we empower people to understand and improve their heart health using technology and behavioral science. Our digital solution enables people to track their blood pressure, cholesterol, medications, weight, and […]

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Summus is the leading virtual health company, founded with a mission to restore human connection in healthcare. Our proprietary marketplace model empowers patients, families, caregivers, and physicians to share and access high quality specialty expertise—across all health questions, at any point in the journey. With a curated network of more than 5,100 renowned specialists from

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Koa Health

Koa Health provides an integrated approach to care that delivers mental health for everyone, whether they prefer digital-first care or would benefit from clinical services delivered by a human. Available to more than 3 million users worldwide, Koa Health addresses the full continuum of mental health needs – from prevention to treatment. Designed to help

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LabCorp Employer Services

Labcorp’s mission is to improve health and improve lives. For employers, we offer a range of services designed to keep the nation’s workforce healthy and productive: Product Options • Flexible Pre-Employment Testing• Workforce Drug Testing• Biometric Screenings/Lab Steerage• Vaccinations• ColoFIT – Colon Cancer Screening• Health Coaching• Lab Direct – divert more expensive hospital lab costs

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Ciba Health

Ciba Health is a personalized digital health and virtual care platform utilizing a whole-person health, root-cause approach to reverse chronic disease. Our sweet spot is conditions that fall under the category of Cardiometabolic Diseases, such as Type 2 Diabetes, Obesity, and Hypertension. Additional programs include Digestive Health, GLP-1 Step Therapy, and Advanced Primary Care. We

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Transcarent is the One Place for health and care. We cut through complexity, making it easy for people to access high-quality, affordable care. With a personalized app tailored for each Member, an on-demand care team, and a connected ecosystem of high-quality, in-person care and virtual point solutions, Transcarent eliminates the guesswork to confidently guide Members

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The Lactation Network

The Lactation Network (TLN) is the largest provider network of International Board-Certified Lactation Consultants (IBCLCs) in the country. We provide what is considered the gold standard of care because our IBCLC clinicians receive the highest level of education you can obtain for breastfeeding support (the level of support recommended by the Surgeon General). The Affordable

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Capital Rx

Capital Rx is a healthcare technology company changing the way prescription drugs are priced, and patients are cared for in America. As a Certified B Corp™, Capital Rx is executing its mission through a Single-Ledger Model™, the industry’s first ethical framework for drug pricing. The company’s cloud-native enterprise pharmacy platform, JUDI®, connects every aspect of

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WellSpark delivers whole-person wellbeing support, from group and individual lifestyle coaching and chronic disease self-management to incentive programs. Employees face numerous challenges—physical, psychological, and social—that can become barriers to maintaining good health. WellSpark’s programs help employers create a culture of wellbeing motivating employees to engagement and enduring change. We make connections between health, data, work,

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